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Gucci Belts (Puan: 0)
Gönderen: Tarih: 06.11.2012 Saat: 08:23

For years, the area's weavers Coach Factory Outlet [www.coachoutletonlineoe.com] have used banana and sisal fibers to make their wares. They are now Louis Vuitton Belts [www.louisvuittonbeltscp.com] turning to hyacinth because of its abundance.But if the weavers' craft Coach Factory Outlet [www.coachoutletonlineoe.com] is flourishing, many in the local fishing community are suffering. Gucci Belts [www.guccibeltsun.com] Water hyacinth grows into a thick bed of waxy leaves and violet flowers that cover the Coach Factory Outlet [www.coachoutletonlineoe.com] surface of the lake. It is native to South America but was introduced in Coach Factory Outlet [www.coachoutletonlineoe.com] Africa in the late 1800s. The plant species can double its mass every five Coach Factory Online [www.coachoutletb1.com] days, according to scientists.Because of its dense growth, it blocks sunlight Coach Outlet Online [www.coachoutlethcs.com] from reaching the lake's native aquatic plants, which affects fish and Coach Outlet Online [www.coachoutlethcs.com] other marine life-- and those who make their livelihoods catching them.Lake Coach Online Outlet [www.coachfactorystorebg.org] Victoria, Africa's largest lake, has been plagued by water hyacinth Coach Factory Outlet Online [www.coachoutletuso.net] plants for over two decades. While its flowers can be Coach Outlet Online [www.coachoutlethcs.com] beautiful its foliage can grow to cover large swaths of the waters in Coach Outlet Online [www.coachoutlethcs.com] a dense green mat of leaves that choke the shoreline of fish.Fishermen Coach Factory Outlet [www.coachoutletonlineoe.com] often struggle each day for a meager catch, but an entrepreneurial Hermes Belts [www.hemesbelscq.com] weaver has found that the invasive plant can be a free source of material for the area's Coach Outlet Online [www.coachoutlethcs.com] women who make handicrafts.When we make products from this hyacinth, we Coach Factory Online [www.coachoutletb1.com] are empowering women economically. They become self-reliant. Coach Factory Outlet [www.coachoutletonlineoe.com] That means we are alleviating poverty,said Caroline Agwanda, Hermes Belts [www.hemesbelscq.com] who heads Hyacinth Ornaments Production Enterprises in Kisumu, Kenya.The organization, which sells Coach Factory Online [www.coachoutletb1.com] products ranging from handbags to furniture, aims to give employment to disadvantaged women, youths and those with disabilities.

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