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Gönderen: Tarih: 03.12.2012 Saat: 01:15

"Come on, slow some pool and slide."

Who he picked up on the lost to a large pool of evil spirits, the tone light, soft, gentle, firm hold of coach outlet online [www.coachoutletonline-bag.com] his mother's white jade Xiao Huang, stepped into the pool slowly along the poolside, his father did not release the mother's hand, coach factory outlet [www.coachfactorystoreso.com] not Let her to choke on the water, pulling her into the water.

"Slow a little slow, a little bit slower, I fast step is not in coach factory outlet [www.coachfactorystoreso.com] the end ..." his mother anxious cried, her tall, petite, to his father, but his waist pool water, almost to her chest.

"Do not coach outlet store online [www.coachoutletusa-shop.com] panic, I am."

His chin nearly fell off! It was his father? ! It was standing on the bridge yesterday, Senleng teach him to kick beasts? Difference, the difference is too big now! His father and his mother, in a big pond hopping and playing really happy the ha ha voices. His coach purses outlet [www.coachoutletonlinepursees.org] little heart that day, severely traumatized, their son is not the father of more certainty.

Fortunately, his mother loves him, always holding him, said that he is her pride and joy, so that he felt still was hurt, it was love.

His coach outlet [www.coachfactoryoutlet-2013.com] smiling mother, lovely and frank, he can not imagine why your mother would marry the father, likely cheated woman resist not man's sweet talk, plus father was pretty and really want to lie to a girl hand is not difficult.

He was convinced coach outlet store online [www.coachoutletusa-shop.com] that his father is a bad man cheating mother!

They do not know, he had not only a back and saw father and a strange woman cuddly, and kissed and kissed, and finally naked roll on the bed pass Shop ...

The father is really too much! Obviously there is a such a lovely and beautiful mother, even with Yingyingyanyan tangled! The and Yingyingyanyan is not singular! Just to face him and saw there seven or eight times!

He did not dare to tell your mother, and his father to do bad things, on the one hand, afraid your mother did not believe him, but think he lying, on the other hand, he was afraid the mother will crash your mother too love too fond father, she withstand the father helping them ......

The cruel fact that he can only hide behind the secret, silent guarding father not loyal mother, but fortunately considerable pain on the surface of his father, mother, Lan Guo many wild woman's hand with his embrace ignorance and happy mother. Old hatred! - Childhood coach outlet canada [www.coachoutletcanada-hot.net] never took him tall, cold-blooded he was thrown into a big pool of almost drowned, pending his cold as ice, to deceive his favorite Niangqin. New enemies! The servant identity, into trouble he was squeezed, humiliate, belittle.

The two together, destined weak affection of his father in this life, he would not have tried very hard to want to curry favor father, after waiting for him to grow up, have enough capacity, he will take your mother to leave only beastly men!

If possible, he did not want to build a relationship with his father, is not missing!

Happens more we do not want God more like a teaser, abruptly manufacturing opportunities, forcing the father and son had to get together children!

Private school parent-child outing!

As the name suggests, is private school teachers to lead full of students, to the countryside to relax, and by the thousands in learning the book on knowledge, in fact, a group of kid toys with a full food, coach to go out and play too!

"Parent-child" word is redundant!

He just wants and your mother together outing, the father who, busy do not come it does not matter!

Servants Well, a lot of big and small chores, certainly not empty, strict mansion very huge sky deciduous fly, to sweep the finish, Dad, sorry to bother you! You slow sweep, me and your mother will be happy to go out and come home safely! That now and he together sitting in the carriage, her arms the *****in man only ghost Ya Ya Ya Ya!

"Nice, let a three rarely have the opportunity to come play with together." His mother grin way Ha ha ha. Whenever father coach factory online [www.coachfactoryonline-usa.com] only take you out, called me at home and do their homework!

"Today the weather is nice, cool wind so comfortable." *****in little face stuck the carriage car window, enjoy the coolness, his father raked compactly her hair on the temples, posture intimacy immense.

"Mother! Mother!" He can not see the past, insist on breaking the immediate canoodle: "I want to drink!"

Pour yourself. "His father, coach handbags outlet [www.coachoutletpurseso.com] eyes cold, can not be his mother as a maidservant waited on him, his father is like to forget, he is a year-old child, however, discuss with your mother to take care of the wrong knock he can not believe his father was seven years old next to his grandmother spoiled!

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