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HwxgYGfwJwzQvSJSp (Puan: 0)
Gönderen: Misafir Tarih: 14.09.2013 Saat: 08:43
It's great to hear that you feel very welcomed there. That cernaitly makes the whole experience much more pleasant.But I disagree with you when you say that feeling like a foreigner is mostly about cir*****stances rather than internal state. No doubt, your external cir*****stances are a key factor in how you feel, but there are many elements that you control as well. For example, perhaps when you speak to someone in Turkish, you feel more like you belong . Or perhaps the opposite. I don't know how it works for you.I've had some strange experiences in Israel, because my Hebrew is very, very basic. I try to speak with Israelis in Hebrew, and when I start off a conversation with Shalom, mah nishma? , they just assume I'm Israeli and start speaking at 3928374 words per minute. In some sense, speaking in Hebrew makes me feel like I belong. But in another, it just highlights how much of a foreigner I actually am. I'm pretty sure I just went way off my original point, but whatever. In conclusion, if you ever go back in time, don't step on anything.

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