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ucinJDufyIFFoohyhHvm (Puan: 0)
Gönderen: Misafir Tarih: 09.07.2014 Saat: 22:04
Excellent again, Daniel. Lots of thoughts come to mind crenurocntly. The real issue has always been with us and our culture. The Left has been successful in "changing" our culture into one where the ideas and beliefs that builds the West are just another form of extremism. Since all extremism is bad and the Left managed to introduce this nugget, they naturally become the arbiters of what's extreme and what isn't. They have created just enough of a mental paralysis among too many that we are unable to deal with Islam as our ancestors did.It's amazing that so long after the oil embargo of 1973 the West only dug deeper ties into Arab/Muslim oil supplies, knowingly rendering future generations screwed.With so many smart people at the helm for so long, I doubt any outcome we are currently experiencing, from the insane immigration policies importing the ideologically insane, to ensuring compliance to ideologically insane leaders due to the oil, wasn't foreseen, and thus approved.The War on Irony continues once the UK launches an aircraft carrier without aircraft to carry. Not even the Dept. of Silly Walks is really safe from this War.

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awQYykcCHqaZVuF (Puan: 0)
Gönderen: Misafir Tarih: 29.05.2016 Saat: 20:23
Wham bam thank you, ma'am, my quseoitns are answered!

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